Trouble Spot: Posture

If your Mom ever gave you a sharp “stand up straight!” with a tap on the back, you’re probably still walking around with that voice in the back of your mind, ringing out on occasion when you notice how bad you’re hunched over.

It takes a conscious effort for me to maintain a straight back– not only am I the unfortunate recipient of big boob genes, I also have a family history of osteoporosis and kyphosis.  I’m practically doomed to be forever hunched because I just can’t maintain that sort of constant vigil over my posture!

I’ve done some self-improvement measures such as yoga and pilates, and I totally encourage anyone else to try either or both— they do wonders for posture and balance, and with time, they’ve helped me stand up straighter as if connected to an auto-correct button.  However, there’s one more ‘mother’s little helper’ that I hadn’t expected would work so well:

The Full Support Cami from Ruby Ribbon.  The wrap around support is gentle, yet firm enough to help hold my frame upright.



Now for a really firm posture-maker, put the Torsette to work for you.  This is the firmest support garment in the Ruby Ribbon lineup, yet still maintains that incredible silky smooth comfort that defines this shapewear.  The Torsette gives full back support, along with abdominal support, and works in sync with your own bra–so it is perfect for a woman of any chest size.

Torsette in black and champagne

Torsette in black and champagne

Torsette, rear view

Torsette, rear view

Take a walk on the comfortable side as you step forward into the future of women’s fashion– Ruby Ribbon combines fashion, shaping technology, and beauty to provide you with a never-felt-before experience!!  As your stylist, I’ll consult with you to be sure you have the perfect piece to match your needs.  There is a money-back/ trade-in guarantee to assure you are completely satisfied with the fit and color.


2 thoughts on “Trouble Spot: Posture

  1. Hi! Sorry to hear you’re having pain. Did you have a fitting from one of our stylists? Camis are not supposed to hurt at any point, it sounds like the fit might be too tight.
    If you’re able to go back to your stylist, she can help. Otherwise contact the company directly, and they’ll be glad to see if they can offer some help.


  2. I have a question? I have two of the camisoles and ever since I have been wearing them 3rd week I have severe breast pain, and not sure if I need to return them or what the problem is. Will it get better?


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