Trouble Spot: Thunder Thighs

One of the quickest ways to trim down your look is to have long legs. Obviously, that’s a matter of luck for most of us, but nothing that a little illusion can’t augment you!  The first step in creating the illusion is to make sure the legs you have appear firm and lean.  This effect can be created by wearing a pant or undergarment that holds in and smooths out the lumpy lines, giving the appearance of strong, muscular legs, and works whether your legs are small or large.

The second step is to choose a top to compliment the bottom in a way that keeps the eye moving and believing you have a long, lean frame.  Taller women will want to wear a long tunic or cardigan over leggings or knee-length skirt, while shorter women will want a top at or above the hips, worn over or tucked into an above-knee skirt or Capri leggings.  The same goes for a dress, where above and below knee lengths can be adjusted on purpose to fool the eye.

Ruby Ribbon undergarment shapers include the high waist thigh slimmer for firm support, and the shaping slip and boy short for medium support:










All legging choices have patented Intomi shaping fabric through


out the leg to add firmness without tightness.





The Ruby Ribbon skirts have a built in shaping slip.  The dresses are constructed with all-over body firming Intomi fabric, and they along with the leggings and skirts can be combined with the ungergarment shapewear  for added control.





    All of the tunic tops are built to cover the bottom and crotch area of the pants and skirts.  The asymmetric tops especially add to the illusion of length, and are flattering for women of all sizes.  For some women, the Manhattan tunic can be worn as a cute daytime to evening dress.  The Marilyn and Cabana tops are mid-length, but again incorporate design features flattering to all women. imageimageimageimage

    Keep working out at the gym or on the pavement to get a natural lean leg, but in the meantime, feel better about the way you look in your clothes with your secret help from Ruby Ribbon!

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