Trouble Spot: Large Chest

This is my personal #1 problem area,  and has road-blocked my positive body image since hitting puberty.  Not only do the “girls” add extra back strain as well as years to my already middle-age frame, they make it nearly impossible to wear the latest cute fashion trends.  Say what you want if you’re the lady who would like to be larger and therefore presumably sexier,* no one can deny how the A through C crowd has a major advantage looking chic and carefree in their clothes, unencumbered by a steel-walled harness!

Bye, Bye Bra!!

Bye, Bye Bra!!

If you have never even imagined going out in public without a bra, let alone to a classy event without one, pay close attention:  Ruby Ribbon makes a cami with enough support to let you say “bye, bye bra!!”  This applies to ladies from x-small through bra size 46G!  Not even kidding you, because I wear them and LOVE them!  Full, smooth support from the belly up.  Cool enough to wear outdoors, or all day long at work.  This is absolutely THE #1 reason I joined Ruby Ribbon.  Any company that can produce a quality product that makes me feel slim and above all, BRA-FREE for the first time in my adult life, has my 100% approval and non-stop testimonial to other women.  It was only natural that I join on with them as a stylist 🙂

*now about that asterisk:  ALL of us ladies need to quit critiquing ourselves so hard!!!!  Do bigger boobs mean you’re sexier?  For me, NO!  But I’m learning to cope.  Just like true beauty, a truly sexy woman feels it on the inside and it just SHOWS on the outside.

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