Ruby Ribbon Solutions

To be Woman is to be hypercritical of one’s physique, so standing ovation to you ladies who don’t wince at the mirror.  I challenge all of us to adopt an attitude of acceptance and forgiveness the next time we size ourselves up in a window or worse, a photo post on a friend’s Facebook page.

Positive body image has everything to do with our sense of confidence and empowerment, so we have to summon this belief that we are beautiful long before we reach our ideal body if we ever hope to actually reach that goal.

Using our wardrobe to camouflage, shape and flatter our bodies is a quick trick to get that positivity flowing!  I can’t say enough about the boost I’ve gotten from Ruby Ribbon shape essentials.  Whether it’s the undergarments, shaping outerwear or fashion pieces, everything is designed to give you a firm, natural, slimming fit all while feeling unbelievably comfortable.  You will not find this or anything like it in stores, so contact me with questions about your trouble spots.  As your stylist, I’ll consult with you to be sure you have the perfect piece to match your needs.  There is a money-back/ trade-in guarantee to assure you are completely satisfied with the fit and color.

I’ll be adding pages to describe specific issues and how to deal with them over the next few weeks.  Smile!! and say to yourself– I am a beautiful, loving person inside and out!

Young woman smiling on bike

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