Jessamyn Stanley: Every Body Yoga

I have said that Confidence is a woman’s most beautiful quality, so that would make Jessamyn yoga pose beachJessamyn Stanley one of the most beautiful young women around.  To be 29 years old with the confidence to put herself in the world of yoga as a large black woman among “dainty white nymphs” is something to be noticed and respected.  But to take her belief in herself and in the healing properties of yoga to the level that she could post her pictures online for others to see and be inspired by to take up yoga too, is a level of confidence the rest of us could only hope to achieve in a lifetime.

Body image gets kind of complicated, especially when the reflection we see on the outside doesn’t match up to what we see of ourselves on the inside.  Our perceptions may be altered by how others perceive us.  Isn’t it refreshing to find people like Jessamyn who see us as spiritual beings whose beauty is a quality that comes from within?  To help others improve their own perception,  she encourages her fans to ask themselves how do I feel? not how do I look?

Seriously, how many women would proudly call themselves a “Fat Femme”?  Jessamyn embraces her body and spirit with this label, and seems to laugh in the face of social norms regarding beauty.  Her approach to yoga is very much about spiritual healing, and once again teaches an important lesson in happiness:  “I am addicted to exceeding my personal expectations.”

Congratulations to Jessamyn Stanley on her continued success! — learn more about her on her personal website.  Also, she has written a book:  Every Body Yoga, available on Amazon, perfect for anyone looking for a down-to-earth approach as well as encouragement about yoga.  Let’s remember to look for each other’s strength and inner beauty instead of picking at each other’s faults!

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