Hard for me to believe, but I’m in the 50+ age category. Fortunately, it’s not as scary as anticipated. I am a proud mom of 2 teenage boys and they are the best part of my life. I’m also a nurse who returned to college to become a nurse anesthetist, a very rewarding profession, but still not as fulfilling as the social outreach that comes with network marketing,  I chose companies dedicated to empowering women, whose philosophies are consistent with their products, and which fit my mission to give women a tool to grow as individuals, and ease financial problems.



Express your personality with style!




Going Deeper into the Issues:

In our country, chronic illnesses are so common, I rarely take care of patients without one or more major health problems.  Seeing the broken spirit that goes along with a broken body drives me to talk preventative health to anyone who will listen.

Of course, no one listens to the person not practicing what they preach… so my first duty was to take a critical look in the mirror.  Boy I needed help!   I discovered Ruby Ribbon in 2014 and became an instant fan of not wearing a bra.  While it looked good to smooth and slim my look on the outside, it didn’t help me BE healthy on the inside,  and I wanted to recapture my active lifestyle.

Luckily, in June of 2015 on the strong advice of a friend to “try it,” I finally got the help I needed–with Isagenix, I was able to get all the right nutrients without the hassle.  My  journey to lose 40 lbs and uncover a healthier, happier, younger-feeling self had begun.

January 2016– I also see the value in just enjoying being a woman, and looking pretty.  Feeling good always includes a little sparkle!!

Women tend to be natural people pleaser, but have you noticed the more we try to please, the less others respect us?  It’s when we truly believe in and please ourselves that we gain fulfillment, inner happiness and confidence, the essence of profound beauty– and that’s what will attract the right people into our lives!


No Whining:  enough said!

Your Body Doesn’t Hate You:  a look into why we gain weight and lose muscle, and how to reverse that process

In the Hot Topics section, I plan to introduce a variety of women’s issues and invite everyone to contribute to the dialog so we can explore each subject from many different angles.

In the Body Image Solutions from Ruby Ribbon section, I will cover a specific body image issue and offer a garment from the product line which helps fix that issue.  It’s my belief that a positive self image leads to confidence, and confidence is one of a woman’s most attractive features.

I believe in the power of optimism, and in the power of passing it on. I once had a boyfriend who felt that love was finite, that it could only be doled out in small portions so as not to leave oneself empty. It was at that moment I knew we were through, because I felt just the opposite– that the more we give, the more we are gifted in return. I’m glad he never convinced me otherwise.

The Shaping is built right in!

“Let your inner beauty show, and the outer beauty will follow” — Donna Bobb

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