Why the Number on the Scale Does NOT Matter

Keep up with your waistline, not your weight!

Becca's Blogs

In one of my posts from yesterday, I spoke about worry. Well, I know a worry we all have is one about our health. Sometimes, people get caught up on focusing on how much they weigh. I went through it, and sometimes I still think about it. What I have found though through research, and following some empowering, & beautiful women on social media is that it is more important how you feel than what that scale says.

A few of the fitness accounts I follow feature women who weigh a certain amount in a before picture, and then in their after picture, they weigh more than the first picture, but they are more toned, and look healthier. The reason behind these phenomenon is the fact that muscle is denser than fat, but it is much more compact. A pound is a pound, but a pound of muscle looks much…

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