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It’s not WHAT you want, it’s how BAD you want it!

Every decision is a balancing act:  Effort vs Reward.

Making the decision to change, to go down a difficult path, means your reasons to succeed have outweighed your excuses to fail.  I’m still struggling with this myself, but every step in the right direction makes my resolve stronger for the next time.

Decision Choose Change or Same Old Street

I’ve read several books and articles about highly successful people and there’s one overwhelmingly common element:  they WON’T give up, and they refuse to listen to even one million “No’s,” or one million voices saying “you’ll never succeed,” all they know is ‘try again’.

We can only be responsible for our own paths, our own results, our own successes or failures.  In the end, reaching your goal will be that much more meaningful because it wasn’t easy.  The day I literally made it to the top of this mountain, healthy enough to return to snow skiing at 53 years old, was the day I quit listening to my own voice that said “you’re too old and overweight to get back in shape.”  Now all I hear is “what’s next?!”


When in Winter, Hibernate – T. Harv Eker

Timing is Everything!

Think back to a time in your past—five, 10, 15, or even 20 years ago. Maybe you envisioned a happy future making more money, having more fun, a family of your own, or living in a bigger place than you did previously. Few things turn out perfectly, but chances are that at least one area of your life saw some growth and improvement. The standards of a 30 or 40-something-year-old adult are going to be necessarily different than those of a late teenager. In that sense, most of us have undergone economic, personal, and career upgrades, even if you might read more

Source: When in Winter, Hibernate – T. Harv Eker

July 4: More than just Independence Day – The Boston Globe

Fireworks, picnics and flags are images I typically associate with this holiday, but just celebrating as a matter of routine feels empty.  So I really appreciate the author of this article for recounting the meaningful events that have occurred on July 4 over several generations.


Never Forget

Frankly, it was disheartening  to notice that the first 6 pages on Google Search for “Independence Day” brought up the latest movie instead of historical references.  As we stare down ISIS wanting to remove all our rights to exist as individuals, as women, and as a nation, let’s appreciate the work of our proud, brave military at the forefront of the battle to protect the American spirit of freedom.

Happy birthday, America! The Fourth of July means more than you may realize.

Source: July 4: More than just Independence Day – The Boston Globe