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Apologizing for Existing

We are all here for a reason– find your inner strength and believe in yourself even when your decisions lead you down a difficult path…. that same sense of purpose will carry you back to the top!

The Manifesto

I’ve been a little paralyzed to write since the utterly unexpected popularity of my “Depression is a Trip” post. How do you follow something that seems to speak to so many people? And of course, depression tells us that we can’t, that any success was a fluke, that really we’re fakes, and the world will soon discover our deception and unmask us as the failures we are.

I wrote that post for myself, because metaphor helps me think, and for my husband, who wants to solve everything for me because he is an engineer and a man and he loves me. I wrote it because I couldn’t not write it.

All of which is, perhaps, an apologetic lead-up to this post. Which is exactly the point.

thanks-1025339_1920One of the most interesting comments on that other post was about apologizing. The commenter’s point was that people with depression should…

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Dust Yourself Off & Try Again

Quitting is for people who never truly believed they could do it in the first place!

Source: Dust Yourself Off & Try Again

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