Align your inner self, and the outside shows it!

Kudos to Jamie Duncan, a freelance writer and yoga whiz — Click the link below to read her article from Organic Authority featuring the insights of another fabulous lady,  Natalie Brite!

Listen to your own beliefs and intuition instead of the doubts, fears and judgements that hold us back from living our best lives!


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Drop Coffee: 5 Things You Should Know About that Cup of Coffee

coffee-beans-2539579_1280Lucky for you, the cool guys from Dubai’s newest specialty coffee offering, Drop Coffee, just agreed to share with us the marvels of coffee!

Source: Drop Coffee: 5 Things You Should Know About that Cup of Coffee

What does “Aging” mean to you?


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Healthy or unhealthy?  Happy or sad?  Vibrant or frail?  What you see as your future is what you will probably get… too often people assume aging means slowing down, developing illnesses, needing a wheelchair and a fistful of medications.  Is it actually possible to create an aging body that is vital, energetic and resistant to illness?  I absolutely believe that, just look around at all the older folks who can out-run, out-think and out-perform people much younger than themselves.  For me, aging is a positive:  a chance to improve, to enjoy a post-retirement life on my own terms!

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So how do we make that positive vision come true?  Choose habits that support brain health, and drop the ones that don’t.  Every aspect of our lifestyles plays a part in how well our brains function:  activity, nutrition, social life, curiosity, humor, spiritual connection and sleep– it all matters, and we’re never too young or too old to start making a difference.

Of all the factors within our control, I’ve been most impressed with how much the food we eat (and don’t eat) affects our quality of life.  It’s become even more critical now that we have so much access to toxic food– often without us being aware of the dangers.  Besides excesses of saturated fat, processed sugar, and artificial ingredients, there are unseen pesticides, chemicals and missing nutrients that disrupt our hormones and defense mechanisms.  The reward for making smart food choices is a strong body, sharp mind, and longer lasting youthfulness.

I’ve made Isagenix a central part of my daily meal plan because I can rely on the ingredients for quality and content, which means I don’t have to prep and cook as much food as I would otherwise to stay healthy.  To learn more, click HERE.

Keep your vision clear, and go after it to make it happen!

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Pretty sure I’m getting better with age…

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Don’t Quit

For anyone who could use a very positive “Never Give UP!” message today, read this post:

The Godly Chic Diaries

Don’t give up just because things seem hard. You are closer than you think! You’ve invested so much and you never know, just another few days of believing, another few weeks of doing the right thing, another few months of staying in faith, and you will see that situation turn around. Remember, God is on your side!

Exams are rolling up again.*insert high levels of stress*😩 Every now and then though, we all need a bit of encouragement. And this poem DON’T QUIT by JohnGreenleafWhittler seems so apt. Hopefully these words will resonate and remind you how strong and wonderful you are.😊 Remember, You’re on your own. Be Your own. Whatever you’re doing, do it diligently, Keep learning and stay curious.📚 Sending Positive vibes to everyone who needs it.😊💜


When things go wrong as they sometimes will,

When the road you’re trudging seems all up hill

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Girl Power and the World of Walking!

Beautiful sentiments, agree with embracing life with child-like wonder! Also a beautiful tribute empowering other women who share the spirit of adventure 🤸🏼‍♀️ Great post!!! big adventure

Remember herWhy is it that as we age, our sense of adventure often dims, and our expectations of what we can achieve, or what is appropriate behaviour, changes?

Thankfully I think society now views 50 as the new 30 and 60 as the new 40, so the only limitations we are controlled, or driven by, are the ones we place on ourselves.

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Losing weight without losing muscle could be as close as your blender!


Undenatured whey protein shakes added to your daily routine will have a totally upside benefit!

The following article has great tips to keep that cute figure through the holidays:

4  Ways to Avoid Weight Gain this Holiday Season